Introduction & Background

I am a Senior Engineer working at Covestor, having previously spent over 6 years as a technical consultant at Accenture, giving me a good blend of enterprise and start-up experience.

I enjoy creating great products with great user experiences and working in a dynamic environment with a focus on good development practices, automation and shipping small, frequent releases.


Groovy   Spring MVC   Spring Boot   Gradle   Java   JPA   SQL   REST   Tech Architecture  

Work Experience

Title Start Date End Date Company
Senior Engineer 2016 Ongoing Emerald Street Ventures
Senior Engineer 2012 2016 Covestor
Associate Manager 2005 2012 Accenture

Formal Education

Certification Subject Date Completed
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science 2003

Some projects I am Working On

Mobile Portfolio

App Name Platform Link Description
Chuck the Quiz Android App store A basic early Android app (open sourced)

Additional Information

JVM: I am experienced in a variety of Java API’s and frameworks. I have recently worked with Spring 4, Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate and EclipseLink) in addition to others. In my current role Groovy is the primary language used - and I am familiar with many of the languages features and quirks (including writing Functional Programming style groovy).

Web Development: My server side web development experience has largely been based on the Spring MVC framework (although current role uses ColdFusion for server side web stack). I have also worked with some client side technology, having used jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS and have also experimented with other interesting technologies such as Backbone/Underscore/Require.

Development Control: I have a good knowledge of application life-cycle management and have worked with SVN, Git, Maven, Gradle, Sonar and Jenkins. I have experience with an array of testing tools and technologies.

I have also gained experience and knowledge of other technologies from several side projects and research that I have undertaken in my free time, including Android, a variety of social APIs (Twitter etc) and cloud platforms such as CloudFoundry/OpenShift/AppFog/Parse.

As part of Nerdability, I created, and am now primary contributor to, two Spring projects - Spring-Social-Geeklist and Spring-Social-Khan-Academy, which provide core integration with those third-party APIs on top of the Spring Social framework. They are both listed as community projects:

I write a blog covering technical and opinion articles that can be found here: (I am also a DZone MVB)

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